Crop top x American Apparel
Mom Jeans x Topshop
Belt x American Apparel
Blazer x Monki
Boots x Topshop 


Hat x Urban Outfitters
Jumper x Monki
Jeans x American Apparel Easy Jean
Top x Topshop 
Boots x Topshop

After a week of being back in Leeds I finally (but begrudgingly) unpacked my suitcase which by this point had covered my entire bedroom floor. Now I always knew I had a lot of black in my wardrobe but I think i've exceeded myself the past 6 months, buying all black everything....and i mean everything. Here I wanted something casual and comfy to wear, so I just I opted for my high waist American Apparel Easy Jean which are the comfiest jeans I own, and my Monki jumper which I find a staple item in my wardrobe. If you're wanting to wear a causal item but also feel stylish, I find a trilby hat adds something to every outfit. 



Nike Satire Sneakers
Oxblood Kensington Flora Chelsea Boot / Dr Martens 

So I deleted all of my previous blog posts. Most likely a combination of borderline OCD and wanting to start fresh. 



Photography Lea Colombo

For my experiential design in fashion module we've been set the task of creating a fashion show for a up and coming designer that we're inspired by and design an original concept. The difficult aspect of this brief is that unlike most fashion shows you see, they are specifically asking us to not use the traditional runway show where models walk up and down a catwalk. So, after researching numerous designers both british and international, I came across young french paris designer Simon Jacquemus, who has mastered the art of simplicity in a youthful way. What I love about Jacquemus's work is that with each collection he also does a fashion film, a real story with a real scenario. During an interview with The Fader, Jacquemus stated "It was more important for me to tell a story than to make clothes." Here are some of the backstage images from his AW14 collection, where my obsession with his signature white Adidas Superstars and white pop socks began. Here Simon shows oversized clothing at its best and a million and one ideas popped into my head for visual concepts when looking at the different colours, pidgin blue, strong yellow, citrus red and materials used. I'll be posting in the next couple of weeks my ideas and end results! 



After months of enjoying uni life i'm back to blogging. (none gets excited...) I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit New York for the week with my fashion course so here a few snaps of my time there. It really was one of if not the most amazing place I have been to. Every place I went was picturesque and the food was just woooow. I think by the end of the trip my Instagram had gone into over drive! Due to the arctic conditions I spent the majority of the trip wrapped up in my oversized  urban outfitters black coat, american apparel hat and my docs! 
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