Crop top x American Apparel
Mom Jeans x Topshop
Belt x American Apparel
Blazer x Monki
Boots x Topshop 


Hat x Urban Outfitters
Jumper x Monki
Jeans x American Apparel Easy Jean
Top x Topshop 
Boots x Topshop

After a week of being back in Leeds I finally (but begrudgingly) unpacked my suitcase which by this point had covered my entire bedroom floor. Now I always knew I had a lot of black in my wardrobe but I think i've exceeded myself the past 6 months, buying all black everything....and i mean everything. Here I wanted something casual and comfy to wear, so I just I opted for my high waist American Apparel Easy Jean which are the comfiest jeans I own, and my Monki jumper which I find a staple item in my wardrobe. If you're wanting to wear a causal item but also feel stylish, I find a trilby hat adds something to every outfit. 
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